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Frank Sinatra is one of the most accomplished artists in history. His musical career was so prolific it can take decades for someone to really comprehend the true impact of his life’s work. It is nothing short of staggering.

In his musical career, Sinatra managed to release 297 singles, 59 studio albums, 8 compilations and 2 live albums. New albums continue to be released to this day.

This doesn’t even include his great film career, which arguably reached its pinnacle in 1962 with the The Manchurian Candidate (1962).

This site is devoted to sharing in the magic that is Frank Sinatra. Enjoying his music. Watching movie clips. Discussing his impact. Sharing our experiences. I hope everyone who visits experiences a little bit of what Sinatra has meant to me. This is a tribute to a great, great man.


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  1. mary1chamberlain

    Hello, I just left a friends place she was showing me some old stuff. 2 pictures of Frank and a letter on his personal stationary sent to her dated july29th 1940

    One Picture is about 3×5 saying something to her Madeline and signed by Frank the other is a small snapshot of himself. We are wondering if they are of interest to anyone. Tomorrow I can get more info If anyone is interested.

    Regards, Mary C

  2. patricia feeney

    i would like to introduce my self as trish. i would like to join a frank sinatra

    fan club either in america or england. where do i go to join and does anyone

    know of a english fan club to join. also i saw the rat pack a the oasis

    its not the real thing but it was enjoyable.

    if anyone could help thank you patricia

  3. Trish

    We are having a garage sale of a deceased estate on 10th Sept and have come across stack of Frank Sinarta Books, Record Sets and Records. If anyone is interested please email me before 2.00pm tomorrow.

  4. Marie Boa

    I believe there is a dvd of Frank Sinatra at the Sydney Stadium on the 2nd of December 1961 I was a that concert and would like to buy it, I have seen it on utube, can any one help?

    Regards Marie

  5. Marie Boa

    Can anyone help?

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